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Are you a gardening commitment-phobe?  Try annuals, which have a life span of one year.  From anatomy to climate, sun to shade, our organic gardening experts show you the secrets of annuals such as zinnias and marigolds.  Discover the best ways to find quality seeds, turn over your flower beds and plant successful seedlings.  But watch out – you just might get hooked!

Annual Gardening

Annual Gardening

  • Basics
  • Learn to incorporate plant anatomy, climate, sun and shade when planting annuals.
  • Design
  • Find inspiration from professionals for a beautiful, functional garden of annuals.
  • Seeds & Planting
  • Cultivate successfully with tips on finding seeds and preparing, planting and maintaining beds.
  • Raising Annuals
  • Maximize your garden’s growth by preventing common problems, pests and diseases.
Annual Types

Annual Types

Get ideas for the best annuals for your climate and learn other tips and tricks for best results.

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