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Growing Your Own Garden: At Home or in the Community
By Yvonne Jeffery, Liz Barclay & Michael Grosvenor

If you have the time, energy, space, and desire, the greenest option is to grow some of your food yourself using organic methods. Food that comes out of your garden isn't only the most local food you can possibly get, but it contributes to sustainability.

If you don't have access to space of your own but like the idea of gardening and growing some of your own food, consider joining a community gardening project or even setting up one in your area if one doesn't exist. A community garden is essentially any plot of land that a group of people garden together. Many are volunteer-run, perhaps located on land that belongs to a housing association, city council, church, school, or healthcare facility.

Each garden runs by its own rules; in some cases, people sign up for specific duties, whereas in others, the team assigns workers weekly to keep the garden healthy. Part of the community garden team may include members who take responsibility for areas such as volunteer management, fundraising, obtaining plants, garden maintenance, and harvesting.

To find a community garden in your area or to find out how to set one up, visit the American Community Gardening Association's Web site at



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