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Food Shopping
Food Shopping

Don’t be greenwashed by food products that claim to be eco-friendly – but aren’t.  Learn how and where to shop for groceries and food staples that are in line with your sustainable principles.  We show you how to recognize the best organic, local and seasonal offerings and offer practical advice for getting the most out of trips to the store and farmer’s market.  Shop greener today.

Grocers & Markets

Grocers & Markets

  • Grocers
  • Know how to distinguish the real green products from the fakes at your grocery store.
  • Farmer Market Guide
  • Buy and prepare locally grown food with our guide to the farmer’s market.
Shopping Advice

Shopping Advice

  • Family Shopping Advice
  • Create prioritized shopping lists for organic food and learn where to shop.
  • Organic Kitchen Staples
  • Discover the benefits of organic kitchen basics such as oil, flour, coffee and wine.
  • Food Blog
  • Want to eat better?  Collect tasty organic recipes and find out where to buy ingredients.
Best Food Varieties

Best Food Varieties

  • Fruits
  • Need help making your diet a little fruitier?  Explore our guide to organic fruit.
  • Vegetables
  • Check out our in-depth articles on selecting and using every vegetable imaginable.
  • Herbs & Spices
  • Add flavor to your meals with our comprehensive coverage of herbs and spices.
  • Meats, Eggs & Dairy
  • Looking for protein?  Get all the facts about meat, eggs and dairy products.
  • Nuts, Beans & Grains
  • Go gourmet with our in-depth articles on alternative proteins such as nuts, beans and grains.
  • Best Fruits
  • Learn to source and select the best varieties of fruit every season of the year. 

  • Best Vegetables
  • Read food expert Jeff Cox’s tips for choosing the most nutritious organic vegetables.
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