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Family Meals
Family Meals

When you go organic, delicious and nutritious go hand-in-hand.  Plan appetizing, chemical-free meals for your family with our comprehensive guide to green cooking.  Find information on everything from setting up a eco-friendly kitchen to selecting the best varieties of seasonal produce at your local farmer’s market.  How should you use the produce?  Browse our recipes.



  • Recipe Finder
  • Make grocery shopping and meal planning a breeze with simple, healthy, delicious recipes.
  • Food Blog
  • Want to eat better?  Collect tasty organic recipes and find out where to buy ingredients.
Shopping Advice

Shopping Advice

  • Family Shopping Advice
  • Create prioritized shopping lists for organic food and learn where to shop.
  • Grocers
  • Know how to distinguish the real green products from the fakes at your grocery store.
  • Farmer Market Guide
  • Buy and prepare locally grown food with our guide to the farmer’s market.


  • Healthy Kitchen Set-Up
  • Learn the cost savings of green kitchens and get expert advice one putting one together.
  • Food & Kitchen Gear
  • Looking for safe plastics or Energy Star appliances?  Check out our green gear buying guide.
  • Kitchen Staples
  • Discover the benefits of organic kitchen basics such as oil, flour, coffee and wine.
Sort Recipes

Sort Recipes

  • Fruit Recipes
  • Sweet breakfasts.  Delectable desserts.  Discover amazing recipes for organic fruit.
  • Vegetable Recipes
  • From appetizers to entrees, find delicious, healthy recipes for every kind of vegetable.
  • Herbs & Spice Recipes
  • Explore exotic recipes featuring your favorite organic herbs and spices.
  • Meat & Egg Recipes
  • Need a healthy meal centered around meat or eggs?  Look no further for recipes.
  • Nut, Bean, and Grain Recipes
  • Wow your family with tasty recipes incorporating nuts, beans and grains.
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