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Rainforest Alliance Certified

The Rainforest Alliance certification is awarded to farms in tropical areas that meet the high standards for sustainable agriculture, wildlife protection, and social justice set by the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN), an international coalition of non-profit conservation organizations. Rainforest Alliance certified farms cannot use genetically modified crops or highly toxic pesticides and the use of other agrochemicals is firmly regulated. Farms must reduce water pollution, implement water and soil conservation practices, control deforestation, and preserve wildlife habitat.

In addition, farm workers must be paid fair wages and have access to clean drinking water, decent housing, schools for their families, and health care. The Rainforest Alliance certification improves profitability and competitiveness for farmers, allowing them to differentiate their product and sell them at premium prices.

Farms are certified by the Rainforest Alliance or a Rainforest Alliance accredited organization within SAN, both of which are independent organizations with no investment in the farms they certify, making this certification meaningful and trustworthy.

Rainforest Alliance Coffee

Coffee beans were traditionally grown under the shade of native canopy trees, but in recent decades farmers have begun to grow monoculture coffee farms under full sunlight, clearing forests and treating plants with chemical pesticides. These modernized farming practices lead to water pollution, soil erosion, and loss of biodiversity.

Rainforest Alliance certified coffee beans are grown on farms that protect forests and biological diversity, control water pollution and soil erosion, and conserve wildlife. Farms must provide 40 percent shade coverage for coffee trees. Workers are paid fair wages and given decent housing, access to healthcare, clean drinking water, and schools for their families.

Rainforest Alliance Cocoa

Like coffee, cocoa beans were traditionally grown under the shade of native canopy trees, preserving forests and protecting native species, including predators of cocoa pests. But modern cocoa farming grows cocoa beans under full sunlight, clearing the forests and using chemical pesticides causing soil erosion, water pollution, and loss of biodiversity.

Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa and chocolate are grown using sustainable farming practices including growing beans under canopy trees, avoiding heavy chemicals, and preserving forests and other wildlife habitat. Like all Rainforest Alliance certified products, farms also must pay workers fair wages, give them decent housing, access to healthcare and to schools for their families.

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