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Energy Efficiency
"An important strategy for reducing our dependence on fossil fuels is improving energy efficiency (that is, getting more use out of the electricity we already generate). Energy efficiency measures such as advanced industrial processes and high-efficiency motors, lighting, and appliances have the potential to provide significant reductions in electricity use while saving consumers money in the long run." - Union of Concerned Scientists

Making appliances, cars, whole buildings - basically anything that uses fuel -energy efficient is one of the best ways we can use current technology to combat global warming and climate change. Energy efficiency is good for the environment because it allows us to burn less fuel and emit less carbon into the atmosphere while simultaneously utilizing more energy. The atmosphere is not the only thing that benefits, though. As something becomes more efficient, the amount of money needed to power it will decrease. Thus, if your house is more efficient, you will spend much less on energy bills! Even buildings that were built many years ago and waste a lot of energy can be "retrofitted," or made more energy efficient.

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