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Eco-tourism, short for ecological tourism, is a broad term generally used to describe travel destinations and tourist attractions that minimize the environmental impact of visitors, preserve natural resources and wildlife, and provide cultural awareness for visitors. As a part of the global tourism industry, eco-tourism promotes sustainable travel so that a vacation can be enjoyable, environmentally conscious and empowering for local cultures and hosts.

There are a number of terms that are often categorized under “eco-tourism,” including sustainable and responsible tourism, ecolodges, adventure travel, and cultural tourism. When planning an eco-tourism vacation, it is important to research tours, guides, and activities for their commitment to the environment, cultural awareness, involvement of local people, and the local social and economic impacts of the organization. Tourism companies often use “green” or “eco” as a marketing tool, so it is also helpful to consult your local travel agent for advice on choosing the right guides for your trip.

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