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Corporate Responsibility
Corporate responsibility, or corporate social responsibility, is the concept that an organization has obligations not just to conduct its business and adhere to legal guidelines, but also to look out for the welfare of its employees, the community, and society at large. Companies can display their commitment to corporate responsibility in many ways- some give to charities, others organize community events, sponsor causes, or make a firm commitment to be eco-friendly. While some people view corporate responsibility as a genuine effort by firms to reach out into the community and look past the profit-driven side of business, others are wary that firms use corporate responsibility as a PR device to gain good favor from consumers.

Many firms are now making corporate responsibility a priority, and information on corporate social and community practices is now easier than ever to find. Check out what the companies you support are doing to help society. You can usually look up a company’s position on corporate responsibility, as well as activities they engage in to honor their commitment to corporate responsibility, online on the company’s website. Also, you can check out what corporate watchdogs and other consumers have to say about greenwashing (deceiving consumers with false or misleading green claims) because they will often identify specific brands and companies guilty of misleading claims about being green.

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