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Alternative Fuels
The term alternative fuels refers to any of a number of substitutes for conventional fuels like petroleum and coal. Alternative fuels include, but are not limited to, ethanol, biodiesel, and fuel cells. Alternative fuels are considered essential in the search for renewable and efficient energy. Some, such as ethanol and biodiesel, are manufactured from renewable sources like corn, while fuel cells and others use chemically stored electricity. Often, alternative fuels are more efficient and produce less pollution than conventional fuels.

As world petroleum supplies grow smaller, alternative fuels will become extremely important in powering everything from homes to cars. Currently, many automobile manufacturers offer hybrid electric and diesel-biodiesel powered vehicles. Stay informed about new options as the time comes to buy a new car, but remember that filling stations for these fuels are not necessarily located in your area. Most importantly, choose the most efficient option that works for you.

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