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The US should focus less of the stimulus dollars on the auto industry and more on public transportation like trains
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Tim Hardafar agreed 3366 Days ago
Just today the auto bailout details were uncovered by the Obama Administration. Thinking that America will rely more on trains than on cars is unrealistic. If Amtrak could produce tax dollars like the auto industry does, than maybe. But let's face it, Americans love their cars. Sure, sending over a couple billion to the train industry wouldn't hurt, but cars are the present and future mode of transportation. For better or worse.
jill487 agreed 3366 Days ago
Americans are addicted to their cars and, as a result, our public transportation systems suck. Look at LA, it is a mess and traffic is a nightmare. If we are serious about the environment, public transportation in and around cities must be improved.
HeatingUp agreed 3366 Days ago
I think it's obvious that stimulus dollars should be headed for cleaner industries like public transportation rather than the same earth polluting auto industry that is responsible for a large part of the climate crisis. Trains were invented before cars but somehow we've strayed away from the idea that the masses deserve affordable transportation. The government has an incredible chance help us, the people, AND help the planet.
Kathy E disagreed 3348 Days ago
the auto industry supports so many people that It can't be allowed to collapse. I live in Michigan. Our economy is pretty much dependent on the auto industry for survival. we are already having huge problems with unemployment and bankruptcy so I totally support any efforts by the government to make sure the American auto industry survives. I'm not trying to say that we shouldn't try to make it greener and more sustainable, but we all need to eat and pay rent first!
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