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The current administration is doing enough to shift mass adoption of green practices
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Margo Brutwythe agreed 3366 Days ago
Obama has done more in his first 100 hundred days to bring public awareness to the green industry than the Bush administration did in eight years. Admittedly, Obama can enjoy the natural shift that American's are making on their own to adopt greener practices, but I applaud this current administration and its attempt to better our planet.
nycitygirl agreed 3366 Days ago
There is no doubt that Obama's administration has done more than the previous one, but more can always be done. Not all of Americans are on board yet because they haven't yet been directly effected. It's a shame, but people need to keep pushing for more and more action.
HeatingUp agreed 3366 Days ago
The administration has certainly set up the framework for a major "shift" through its stimulus package, but we're not there yet. These government subsidies and projects have to be realized first before we can herald Obama and his accomplishments.
UKCShads disagreed 3268 Days ago
It was legal to pay taxes with hemp in America from 1631 until the early 1800s. (LA Times. Aug. 12, 1981.)
witsend agreed 3212 Days ago
In fact, the current administration is doing far too much in its effort to change the climate. The more we mess with trying to cause change in the climate, the more likely we are to create chaos. Living greener and smarter is a noble goal - Most Americans are doing this. The urge to go overboard is causing environmental, as well as economical, damage.
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