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Natural materials are more comfortable than synthetic materials
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Margo Brutwythe agreed 3366 Days ago
I like cotton. Actually, I love cotton. But what I really like natural materials is that I know I'm not the only one enjoying their comfort, the planet is too! Natural farms that produce natural goods should be the norm in five years.
Katie M agreed 3366 Days ago
With the level of technology that we have today, there is no reason that natural materials should not be more comfortable than synthetic materials. Margo- I agree with you, I love cotton and natural materials should be the norm in the future. There is no reason for them not to be.
HeatingUp agreed 3366 Days ago
No brainer. Patagonia makes a great fleece from recycled goods. I wear it every day.
SteveGibbons agreed 3352 Days ago
I definitely agree that my natural clothes (like my bamboo t-shirts) are more comfortable than those made with synthetic materials, but I don't always agree that organic is more comfortable than regular cotton. In that instance, I think it comes down more to the brand and the make.
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