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It is not easy enough to recycle electronics like cell phones and computers
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Tim Hardafar agreed 3366 Days ago
I don't know where to recycle a cell phone. But fortunately I almost never need to. The thing about recycling things like computers and cell phones is that no one needs to get rid of them frequently enough to warrant a serious concern. If every three years I need to get online and find a place to recycle my cell phone, so be it. It's not easy, but who cares?
Luke G agreed 3366 Days ago
If America is serious about recycling, then we need to improve the system. I know of entire towns in America that don't even recycle the basics! It's shocking and disturbing. I think that it is great that we can recycle cell phones and computers, but before we worry about that we need to improve our system as it is today.
Juan Lastrado disagreed 3366 Days ago
There are numerous ways to responsibly dispose of cell phones and electronics. If they are still in working condition, you can consider donating them to the salvation army or goodwill. Local schools or libraries will sometimes welcome a donation of a used computer. If they are no longer working, there is always a market for spare parts. Be aware of those less fortunate, before tossing an old phone in the trash.
KeithOC agreed 3329 Days ago
I have been in possession of a hard drive and old Ipod for two years now not wanting to just throw them out, but not knowing what to do with them.
Arrwyn disagreed 3180 Days ago
REcycling anything that works is surpisingly easy if you have access to the internet. It's called Freecycle. A national network of people who share the dream of "one man's trash is another man's treasure". There are always local groups so no one is driving a hundred miles to recycle something into someone else's house. The big key to the success of this program is that everything is free for the taking. You want to get rid of it, someone needs it they come pick it up. You both win. And the environment wins because something that is still useful is not in the landfill. As for recycling no longer valid cell phones ... take it back where you bought it.
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