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Comments Policy

At ecomii™, we welcome your comments and support a diversity of thought.  We also believe in civility and good manners.

Here are the basic tenets of our commenting policy:

  • You must register to post comments.
  • We will not tolerate personal attacks.  You should not debate the motives of others, only the views.
  • We don’t allow comments containing alleged claims that we know to be wrong, or which we simply lack the time or resources to verify.
  • We won’t tolerate comments that we consider racist or sexist or derogatory to any religion, sexual orientation or ethnic group–or that we believe promote hate or bigotry, or are offensive.
  • We don’t moderate comments, but we do monitor and remove those that violate our standards.
  • We reserve the right to ban from commenting anyone who violates these standards, disrupts the site or creates a tone or atmosphere we consider inconsistent with the tone and atmosphere we want here.

At ecomii, we invite and encourage comments that truly advance the discussion.  We know our members have plenty to contribute and that we are not the source of all wisdom. But we are determined to set as high a standard for comments as we are trying to maintain for our own work. To that end, we are establishing a more rigorous policy for comments and commenters than a lot of other websites maintain.

To start, we won’t publish anonymous comments.  We think people should stand behind what they post here, just as we do. Everybody who wishes to comment will have to register (it’s free), and every comment will be signed with the commenter’s screen name. ecomii is the kind of place where we hope you can, quite literally, be yourself.

We’d also like to mention our golden rule.  Be respectful of others.  It’s pretty simple.  If you think we, or our guest bloggers, or the people or companies we write about, or other commenters, are wrong (or right!), feel free to say so and to explain why you think so. We welcome opinions, kudos, critiques and alternate views. But we will remove any comments that contain personal attacks or create offense.  People have different views, period.  Calling someone evil, corrupt or immoral is not in the spirit of ecomii.  So please, debate the point of view, not the motive. 

Thank you for helping us create healthy discussion.