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Replace Your Old Appliances with New Energy-Efficient Ones
By Eric Corey Freed

If your appliances were purchased before 1990, you’re spending a lot more on energy than you need to, and it’s time to upgrade them.

A new Energy Star refrigerator consumes 75% less energy than one from the 1970s, saving you more than $100 a year. Because you’re getting a new one anyway, locate the refrigerator away from direct sunlight and the oven. In the winter, turn up the refrigerator temperature and save yourself even more money.

Remember: While you’re shopping, keep in mind that bigger is not better — at least where refrigerators are concerned. Size your new refrigerator for what you actually need. A model with an upper or lower freezer uses 10% to 15% less energy than a side-by-side model.

Energy Star dishwashers are designed to use less water than hand washing. To take full advantage of this feature, only run your new Energy Star dishwasher when it’s full.

An Energy Star washing machine uses half the energy of a model made before 1990, saving you about $110 a year. Also, front-loading washers use less water than top-loaders.

Tip: Some states and local utility companies offer rebates for buying new Energy Star appliances.You can save hundreds of the purchase of that new appliance!Find your local rebates at the Energy Star website.

Read more about the benefits of replacing your old, inefficient appliances.  



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