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Green Cleaning

By Loretta White
June 15, 2010
File under: Cleaning, Saving Money


Those who have read my articles before know I like to take the easiest, fastest and most economical approach.  And who doesn’t? We all would go that way if we were guaranteed success, quality and were happy with the results, right?

What if I told you about a number of ways you could save money, eliminate health risks associated with chemicals and VOC’s,  and have a home/office space that smells wonderful. All of these goals can be easily achieved the natural way. Green cleaning is all the rage, and you can save from $500 to 1000.00 over a season. …read more of Green Cleaning here

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A Recipe for Staying Rash-free

By Heather O'Neill
June 10, 2010
File under: Family, Personal Care


The experts agree: keeping your baby’s bottom clean and dry is the best defense against a diaper rash, especially if you are using plastic diapers.

Plastic diapers trap heat and moisture, which means the likelihood of a nasty nappy rash goes up along with the thermostat. Even the most fastidious parents will eventually open a diaper to find a red rashy bottom. So then what?

Here are some tips that can help keep your baby cool and dry this summer and prevent a firey case of diaper rash from ruining your summer fun.

1. If you haven’t already, switch your baby’s diapers from plastic to eco-friendly or biodegradable diapers. These are generally made of …read more of A Recipe for Staying Rash-free here

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Eco Fun Fact: Disposable Cups

By Heather O'Neill
May 28, 2010
File under: Environmental Concerns, Waste Reduction


If 50 customers brought a reusuable mug to every Starbucks on the planet, Starbucks would save 150,000 disposable paper cups in a single day, according to The Green Team.

This equals 1.7 million pounds of paper, 3.7 million pounds of solid waste, and 150,000 trees a year.

Not convinced? For more information on the importance of toting a reusable cup for your morning coffee, click here.

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Origins Tackles Your Old Makeup

By Heather O'Neill
May 26, 2010
File under: Personal Care, Waste Reduction


During a recent spring cleaning I decided to real be radical and get rid of every last personal care product in my home that wasn’t completely natural.

Most of what I own is free of common toxins but, like most women, I had a basket of old makeup that I just couldn’t bear to part with. A girl never knows when she is going to need shimmery green eyeshadow or a white lipstick, right?

Blessedly I didn’t need those particular items very often, save for Halloween. But I held onto them anyway because, frankly, I didn’t know what to do with them.All of my new makeup is clearly recyclable.  The old stuff, not so much.

So what’s a girl to do? …read more of Origins Tackles Your Old Makeup here

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Stifling Sniffles: Natural Allergy Relief

By Heather O'Neill
May 25, 2010
File under: Health


If you suffer from seasonal allergies the way I do you know how miserable this time of year can be. But for those of us who are pursuing a more natural lifestyle, popping an allergy pill every morning for months on end isn’t an appealing option.

With this allergy season being the worst in recent years, relief has been difficult to come by for many of us, even with wonderful homeopathic remedies from companies like Boiron, Heel and Bio Allers on the market. So in addition to using these, I have been experimenting with a respite from sneezing and wheezing that doesn’t come from a bottle.

Check out these natural ways to reduce spring’s trademark sniffles. …read more of Stifling Sniffles: Natural Allergy Relief here

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