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Biomass: A Renewable Resource and Green Solution

By Loretta White
March 23, 2009
File under: Alternative Sources, Biofuel, Carbon Emissions, Energy Sources, Green Economy, Heating Sources, Research and Development, Reusable Energy, Waste Reduction


When I think of biomass, I think of the silver DeLorean in “Back to the Future” where the professor was able to turn garbage into fuel for his time machine.

When that movie came out, the idea of using banana peels to power your engine was probably thought of as ridiculous. But today, humans can use all sorts of natural, renewable vegetation and substances.

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Invest in Renewable Energy

By Ted Nelson
March 20, 2009
File under: Climate Change, Green Economy


Investing in renewable energy is not just for venture capitalists and banks. Anyone can, potentially, make a profit by putting their money into renewable energy.

Threats to the sustainability of our society also create business opportunities that innovative companies will take advantage of.

This promises to be a long-term trend, not just a fad: the need for a paradigm shift towards environmental sustainability will impact every industry, every individual, and every country. It will not go away. Energy is a sector that will be particularly impacted, as energy consumption produces most of the greenhouse gas emissions behind climate change.

The old ways of producing energy will give way to production methods which can safely be sustained over the long-term. Both established players and start-ups will likely play a role in changing the game. Here are a few ways any Joe six-pack can get in on the action: …read more of Invest in Renewable Energy here

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The Smart Grid Debate

By Tracy Crawford
March 4, 2009
File under: Alternative Sources, Electric Sources, Energy Sources, Research and Development, Waste Reduction


There is a heated debate at the moment concerning the smart grid. Should there be a smart grid? Will it be effective?

And just what is a smart grid?

The smart grid will connect consumers to the power companies and give users more control over energy usage. This allows the power companies to better predict the amount of power needed by generators throughout any given day. Not only does this save in power usage, but saves the consumer, and the overall economy, lots of money.

The smart grid will also be able to distribute power from locations in other parts of the country to places with higher need. For example, folks in Madison, WI can get solar power from Las Vegas, NV.

But why the debate? …read more of The Smart Grid Debate here

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Renewable Energy’s Role in the Stimulus Package

By Ted Nelson
February 9, 2009
File under: Energy Sources, Green Economy


The proposed economic stimulus package looks to have turned the final corner and be approaching the finish line: the Senate put in an extra day’s work on Saturday and cut around $110 billion to make the bill more palatable to its detractors.

Unfortunately those cuts hit education especially hard, but education still makes up a large portion of the proposed spending.

On the whole the bill seems to advance President Barack Obama’s agenda of rebuilding the essential elements–education, transportation infrastructure, health care, security/law enforcement, and energy infrastructure–of a public sector that has long been allowed to fall-short using the mantra “hey, we’re the government we’re supposed to waste money.” …read more of Renewable Energy’s Role in the Stimulus Package here

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Branding Biofuels

By Dayanti Karunaratne
February 5, 2009
File under: Biofuel


It’s a big news week for biofuels. Following the announcement of up to $25 million in federal funds for the research and development of biofuels came the news that the U.S. Air Force plans to use biofuels in it’s fleet by 2013. It now seems clear that – regardless of the price tag on a barrel of oil – federal agencies are banking on biofuels to help soften the energy crunch.

So perhaps it’s no surprise that luxury automaker Bentley is hopping on the bandwagon. Making good on their promise to have a biofuel car on the road by 2012, Bentley will debut this new vehicle at the Geneva Auto Show on March 3, 2009. At this point, the model lacks an exact price or a name, but it’s reported to be more powerful – and pricey – than the Continental GT Speed, which is priced at $203,000.

While the price clearly puts the car out of reach for most, it’s worth noting that such upscale items do serve a certain purpose in the green economy. Like runway designs, just because we can’t afford them doesn’t mean they don’t influence our sensibility. …read more of Branding Biofuels here

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