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Cash for Refrigerators

By Justin O'Neill
September 2, 2009
File under: Carbon Emissions, Saving money


Time to turn that old “icebox” into a “nice box” of money.

Okay, bad pun.  But the point is: yep, cash for refrigerators.  The new measure from the Obama Administration’s national economic stimulus plan will provide you with a rebate for replacing your old “clunker” of a fridge for a shiny, new, high-efficiency model.

While the act will give consumers a nice cash break, it’s doubtful it will do much to revitalize the ailing appliance industry.  The more efficient appliances will also help consumers cut down on their monthly electricity bills, while eliminating millions of tons of CO2.

Program Details

This new act is based on the popular Cash for Clunkers program for old, inefficient cars, except this one will include refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, air conditioners, and other energy-hogging household appliances. …read more of Cash for Refrigerators here

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5 Smart Strategies to Save Money, Reduce Waste

By Marie Oser
July 20, 2009
File under: Saving money, Waste Reduction


Consider Packaging for Savings at Landfill and Check Out Register

One dollar of every ten-dollar purchase goes to the cost of packaging, and package waste accounts for more than half the trash in the U.S. These days, clever packaging can influence a purchasing decision and can be an important component in building brand recognition.

The purpose of packaging is to prevent damage and provide important information to the consumer about ingredients, usage, manufacturer and country of origin. Unfortunately, the ongoing quest to find new ways to safeguard food and transport products has become a slippery slope on the road to overload.

Smart shoppers know that packaging can add as much as 45 percent to the cost of a product. Shrink-wrapped, pre-cut produce on a plastic tray is twice as costly. Choosing popular prepackaged salad mixes can take a bite out of your food budget while adding to the avalanche of unnecessary package waste clogging our landfills. …read more of 5 Smart Strategies to Save Money, Reduce Waste here

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Spend Wisely. Get Greened-up Now

By Loretta White
June 11, 2009
File under: Energy Sources, Research and Development


It amazes me the waste that occurs and the money spent to “figure things out.”

I am happy that more people are jumping on the green bandwagon and in the beginning, I was even pleased with those who got into it for their own selfish reasons as they are still increasing sustainability and decreasing our footprint so that generations can enjoy the vast wonders and resources that the earth gives us.

Now, however, I find myself frustrated at the actual spend earmarked for “greening-up”. In Massachusetts, as in states across the US, President Obama has allocated funds to stimulate jobs, the economy and renewable energy projects and we are spending huge amounts of money on consultants to “advise” on what actions should be taken.

In new building design and retrofits of extensive projects like the Empire State Building, I see the need to have a detailed plan. …read more of Spend Wisely. Get Greened-up Now here

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Biodiesel Dissolves Polystyrene!

By Marie Oser
May 28, 2009
File under: Energy Sources, Research and Development, Waste Reduction


Polystyrene is the practically indestructible material used in packing peanuts, foam cups, egg cartons and produce trays.

Like all traditional plastics, polystyrene is made from petroleum and is a non-sustainable source of major pollution. It is ubiquitous, difficult to recycle, does not biodegrade and resists photosynthesis¹.  In a stunning development, a new study has shown that polystyrene not only dissolves in biodiesel fuel, it increases the power output in the process.

Scientists found that polystyrene packing peanuts dissolved in biodiesel can actually boost the power output of the fuel and get rid of garbage at the same time. …read more of Biodiesel Dissolves Polystyrene! here

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All Solar All The Time

By Loretta White
May 21, 2009
File under: Alternative Sources, Electric Sources, Solar Energy


Have you wondered why areas with hot climates haven’t utilized solar energy more? I have, and am happy to say that there is a man who wants to make the sun and integral part of the way we live.

Syd Kitson, Chairman & CEO of Kitson & Partners has partnered with the state of Florida and formed an alliance of unlikely bed-partners. Government leaders, environmentalists, utilities and private business partners are coming together in a manner not seen before. They plan to create the first ALL solar and carbon neutral city!

Once a cattle ranch and nature preserve, is now the largest preservation land acquisition in the history of Florida. …read more of All Solar All The Time here

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