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Eat Local and Walk/Ride for 1 day

By Eytan Krasilovsky
April 21, 2009
File under: Energy Sources, Natural Resources, Reusable Energy, Waste Reduction


Prepare for Earth Day:
1.Eat local food.
2.Get your sneakers ready.
3.Pump up your bicycle tires.

Renewable energy is once again (since the 70s) part of the national energy agenda in a substantive way. There are a multitude of homeowner options from simple conservation to selling your excess renewable power back to the grid. Businesses can purchase from renewable sources, or even save money and “go green” like Google or Sierra Nevada Brewing.

While the ethanol biofuels you purchase today at the pump likely use more carbon that straight diesel or gas, and steal acres from food production …read more of Eat Local and Walk/Ride for 1 day here

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Biomass: A Renewable Resource and Green Solution

By Loretta White
March 23, 2009
File under: Alternative Sources, Biofuel, Carbon Emissions, Energy Sources, Green Economy, Heating Sources, Research and Development, Reusable Energy, Waste Reduction


When I think of biomass, I think of the silver DeLorean in “Back to the Future” where the professor was able to turn garbage into fuel for his time machine.

When that movie came out, the idea of using banana peels to power your engine was probably thought of as ridiculous. But today, humans can use all sorts of natural, renewable vegetation and substances.

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Off the Grid Communities

By B. Adrian White
January 5, 2009
File under: Alternative Sources, Electric Sources, Energy Sources, Reusable Energy


Over the last couple weeks I have been blogging my head off about what energy source we might use to replace oil. I have been pondering what would turn the wheels of my car, what would keep the floors warm around our home, what would make it possible for me to use a computer instead of a typewriter to blog my head off with. My conclusion? We can replace dirty, polluting, climate changing oil with cleaner and more renewable forms of energy. You might have heard of them – solar, wind, ocean energy, geothermal, hydroelectric. Yes these forms of energy would allow us to make our lives cleaner, greener and healthier. But there is another benefit that they could provide that may not be immediately evident. They can provide us freedom.

My last blog looked at the idea of changing our energy production model from what is primarily a two or three source model. Right now, oil, coal and natural gas provide most of the energy in the US and in many other countries around the world. My last blog explored the idea of changing that system from a three source monopoly to hundreds or thousands of smaller more locally specific energy production plants. Solar and wind and ocean plants all within a twenty or thirty mile radius providing electricity for your heat, lights and car. …read more of Off the Grid Communities here

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Solar-What Are My Options?

By Loretta White
January 2, 2009
File under: Alternative Sources, Energy Sources, Heating Sources, Research and Development, Reusable Energy


There seems to be a plethora of companies and methods, some creating a new system with each site.  That is true because so much goes in to getting off the grid; location, how much sun, how the temperature ranges in that area, (like New England-can you use solar there?), what is the consumption, how far away is the collection from the use and so much more.  The most important to us, I believe, is lowering our dependency, your carbon footprint and your ghastly heat & energy bills.

Since I am doing a series of alternative ways to heat/cool, provide energy and heat water, I thought it best to do an additional overview of Solar.

Not only do Solar systems provide clean energy, they are considerably quieter and can meet the entire heating needs of a home or business. These systems are a way to collect, store, and disburse the sun’s heat and energy and two basic main categories; Passive and Active Solar. …read more of Solar-What Are My Options? here

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New Year’s Resolution: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

By Cherl Petso
January 1, 2009
File under: Heating Sources, Reusable Energy, Waste Reduction


As the New Year begins, people begin to consider making changes in their lives.  The vast majority of people make resolutions around fitness and weight loss.  While health and fitness goals are resolution-worthy, what about making a resolution around your individual impact on the Earth?

The term carbon footprint is one that is thrown around and sometimes not understood.  It’s a measurement of the impact our daily activities have on the environment in relation to climate change, measured in carbon dioxide units.  Essentially, what are you doing day-to-day that is harming the planet?  According to the EPA, the average carbon footprint for a two person United States household is about 41,500 pounds.  Different calculators take different measurements into account.  For instance, my footprint is average on calculators that don’t take food into account; however, if the calculator accounts for the fact that I’m vegan, the decrease in emissions is amazing. …read more of New Year’s Resolution: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint here

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