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Politicking with our Future

By Ted Nelson
June 30, 2009
File under: Alternative Energy, Carbon Emission Reduction, Economy, Environmental Concerns, Environmental Policy, Legislation


A long awaited climate bill made it through the House on Friday June 26th and is awaiting a vote in the Senate.

While it’s significant that one house of congress has finally passed a bill to curb greenhouse gases (GHGs), the vote was far too close for comfort: 219 to 212. There is no certainty that the bill will pass the Senate.

There are some beefs with the specifics on the bill and not its intent to curb GHGs (such as a Bush-like approach to clean coal), but the vast majority of the opposition is based on an argument that cap-and-trade will hurt the economy.

This reasoning, however, is faulty: if no changes are made nature is set to do far more damage to our economy than 1,000 climate bills possibly could. …read more of Politicking with our Future here

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The Dangers of Corporate Food

By Tracy Crawford
May 14, 2009
File under: Environmental Concerns, Environmental Policy, Legislation


We are at an interesting place in food cultivation and consumption. We have an ever-growing consumer awareness of our food systems, where our food comes from, and what we require of our food.

On the other hand, we have giants like Monsanto¹, who are not in the business of growing food at all really, controlling our food growth and ingredients down to the very basics of the food itself – the DNA.

Working behind the scenes of agriculture, Monsanto has been busy leveraging themselves as the sole controlling source for seed availability to farmers for many years.

And beyond seed, they have made our milk and dairy products incredibly unsafe to eat and drink. Monsanto is the corporation who introduced rBGH – or recombinant bovine growth hormone – to our nation’s dairy farmers. Worse, they have tried very hard to make the use of rBGH worldwide. …read more of The Dangers of Corporate Food here

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Farm Subsidy Cuts No Longer an Issue

By Tracy Crawford
April 9, 2009
File under: Carbon Emission Reduction, Conservation Standards, Environmental Policy, Legislation, Obama


Big agribusiness was shaken a little over the Obama administration’s proposed cuts to farm subsidies.

The plan was to end direct payments to farms with more than $500,000 in gross sales. The cuts would save over $9 billion over a decade, and therefore is part of the administration’s overall budget plan.

The potential problem with this cut is that the $500,000 in sales may not take into account the amount that farms may actually spend to grow their yields, nor how much they make in profits.

Nor does it consider how much the farm may have lost due to poor crops or weather conditions for the growing season. …read more of Farm Subsidy Cuts No Longer an Issue here

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Green Jobs: Myth or Reality?

By Tracy Crawford
April 2, 2009
File under: Economy, Environmental Policy, Global Initiatives, Green Jobs, Legislation, Obama


There is a lot of excitement about the prospect of new green jobs, and rightfully so. President Obama has made it a priority in his administration and even hired Van Jones as Green Job Advisor to help make it happen.

But under the radar and excitement, and in response to all of the excitement about green jobs, there is some negative chatter concerning the “myths” of these jobs.

Recently, a collaborative report was written by law and economics professors at the University of Illinois arguing that the proposal of green job creation has many myths attached to it.

The paper postulates that these jobs will not really help the economy, and that they’ll also cause great harm and detriment to our society and to the industry’s growth and potential.

So how can new jobs be bad for the economy?

Upon reading, you find the authors of this report are convinced that …read more of Green Jobs: Myth or Reality? here

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Green Building Laws: Hawaii

By Dayanti Karunaratne
March 5, 2009
File under: Legislation


A Natural Progression or Micro-managing?

To what extent does legislation move the green building movement forward, and when does it become micro-managing?

In June 2008, Hawaii became the first state to require solar water heaters. Designed to decrease dependency on fossil fuels, starting in 2010 most new one-family homes will be equipped with these green building devices. The Aloha State has announced a goal of having 70 per cent of their energy needs come from renewable resources by 2030.

More recently, however, another solar energy bill championed by groups like the Sierra Club has had a harder time.

It is jokingly referred to as the “right to dry” act, because it would allow homeowners to set up clotheslines. …read more of Green Building Laws: Hawaii here

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