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NYT Assesses Obama on Energy and Environment

By Ted Nelson
November 5, 2009
File under: Carbon Emission Reduction, Economy, election 08, Environmental Policy, Obama


On the one year anniversary of Obama‘s election, the New York Times has run an article assessing Barack on some of the issues which have defined his presidency to date. One of the areas covered is Energy and Environment. The analysis is not very in-depth, divided into one paragraph about his campaign promises and one about the action he’s taken in office.

A headline atop the Energy and Environment section sums its contents and Obama’s record on the issue up nicely: “Some progress, but the big fight is still ahead.”

As a candidate, Barack Obama called for a transformation in the way the United States produces and consumes energy to address global warming and to reduce …read more of NYT Assesses Obama on Energy and Environment here

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The Task Before Us

By Ted Nelson
January 21, 2009
File under: Alternative Energy, election 08, Obama


Barack Obama’s inauguration speech was a message of the change that has occurred within the federal government as well as a call to action for every American. Along with his plans for the economy, the nation’s infrastructure, and foreign relations, Obama addressed environmentally sustainable development: global warming, over consumption of resources, creating a new, “smart” energy grid fed by renewable sources.

In his opening statements, Obama declared the need for an energy revolution in the United States: “the ways we use energy strengthen our adversaries and threaten our planet.” Oil imports are quickly losing popularity on both sides of the aisle due to the double edged sword Obama mentions—oil dependency on the one side, and climate change on the other—but it’s still reassuring to hear him continue to call for a change even with plummeting oil prices and a struggling economy. There has been speculation that the current situation would relegate environmentally sustainable development to the back burner; however, Obama’s address reaffirms his commitment to help America get on a sustainable path to long-term growth.

One line of the speech in particular caught my attention, almost summarizing the best case scenario for Obama’s presidency: “Your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy.” …read more of The Task Before Us here

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Go Vote!

By Robert Cowin
November 4, 2008
File under: election 08

go voteThis is indeed an historic election.  We’ve got two wars an economic crisis and we’ve got global challenges like terrorism, poverty, and global warming.  American anxiety is high, and many have felt for some time that they are helpless to change things.  Well, I say now is that time.

Go brave the long lines at the polls.  Make a phone call, send an email, or shoot a text reminding friends to do the same.  Remind people that the 2000 election came down to 537 votes in Florida (not counting the Supreme Court decision).  My grandmother constantly reminds me of how much others before us had to struggle for the right to vote, both minorities and women alike.  Let nothing stop us or divide us.  Let us go to the polls together as Americans and participate in our cherished process.  Voting is the engine of democracy.  This thing doesn’t run if you don’t grease the wheels.  So do your patriotic duty, and moreover, give yourself a right to be mortified or ecstatic at the result.

I’ve often heard the phrase, “Freedom isn’t free”.  Usually it’s said in reference to the war in Iraq, but today I’d like people to think about it in a different context.  While others join the peace corps or the ranks of our military which keeps each and everyone of us safe, all that’s asked of us American citizens, who remain in this country and enjoy all the freedoms it provides, is that we use our voice to demand of democracy what we want from it.   That we cast our ballot and keep this wonderful experiment of ours going.  Will you use your voice to keep our country strong?


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The Importance of Voting

By Robert Cowin
November 3, 2008
File under: election 08

go vote

When I ask friends why they don’t vote, I always get one of two answers:

1)    “I don’t like either of them.”
2)    “My vote doesn’t count anyway.”

I understand the frustration of having to choose between two politicians whose lips are spouting misleading statements when they’re not kissing babies.  Indeed, presidential campaigns more closely resemble the circus than a democratic process.  And the primary process often produces the lowest common denominator because the party machinery tends to support party hacks who fit their mold, even when another candidate is more popular nationally (see John McCain in 2000).  But this is no excuse not to vote. …read more of The Importance of Voting here

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Can the Vice President Affect Change?

By Ted Nelson
November 2, 2008
File under: election 08

white house

With former Vice President Al Gore having stepped up as a de facto figurehead for environmentally sustainable development, it seems appropriate to ask what the next VP of the United States can and will do for “green” issues. The VP is granted no executive power by the constitution, but—along with deciding tie votes in the Senate and the potential for an unfortunate promotion—can act as an agent of the President in whatever roles the President sees fit. …read more of Can the Vice President Affect Change? here

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