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Six Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer Heat

By Elizabeth Bublitz
July 20, 2010
File under: Gardening, Health Concerns, Pets

Pets can suffer heat injury when their body temperature exceeds the ability to cool themselves. The normal body temperature for a dog is between 100° and 102.5° and when it exceeds 106° serious medical conditions can ensue.

Oftentimes, keeping our pets indoors with air conditioning or in a well-ventilated area is the best option, particularly in the heat of midday. These days, with temperatures souring into three digits, it’s tough for your pooch to stay outdoors for a long periods of time, especially when they prefer to be outdoors “helping” you to garden. …read more of Six Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer Heat here

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Confused Ants

By Sherry Brooks
July 15, 2010
File under: Household tips, Pest Control, Saving Money


Summer is here and all manner of little pests are afoot, particularly ants looking for food or water. There are a number of inexpensive and ecologically sound ways to eliminate ants; however preventing these social creatures from coming in is the first step.


  1. Clean up crumbs and spills on the counters right away.  If your kitchen is a busy one, keeping more than one sponge by the sink means that no one has to wait to use the sponge.  Tuck a mini hand-broom and dustpan into your cleaning supplies cabinet for sweeping up …read more of Confused Ants here
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Develop Intuition Through Exercise

By Angela Ewari
July 14, 2010
File under: Belief, Fitness


Our body is talking to us, for many screaming at us to listen. It gives us continual clues trying to get our attention.  We can feel butterflies in the stomach, hear ringing in our ears and see the hair standing up on our arm, but may not tune in to understand what it means.

More often than not we tune out because we don’t want to hear. We are all born with this innate ability to know what our body is telling us, but over time we quit trusting what we hear.

Exercise presents a great opportunity to listen to your body and to tune in to all it is trying to tell you. You can learn to listen to your body again through your exercise routine. …read more of Develop Intuition Through Exercise here

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Creamy Curry Low-fat and Luscious

By Marie Oser
July 13, 2010
File under: Dairy Free, Healthy Eating, Spices, Vegan


Turmeric has a warm, peppery flavor and mild aroma reminiscent of orange and ginger. Active ingredients in turmeric are credited with numerous health benefits and studies suggest that this ancient spice has a great deal to contribute to western medicine.

Curries can have an intensity ranging from mild to spicy and are common fare in Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Persian and Malay dishes. Curried Brussels Sprouts and Baby Carrots is a luscious dish that features chunks of baby carrots, tart currants and quartered Brussels sprouts bathed in a silky curry sauce made without fatty ingredients like cream, butter or coconut milk. …read more of Creamy Curry Low-fat and Luscious here

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Crock Pot Cookery: Enlightened Basque Stew

By Marie Oser
July 7, 2010
File under: Healthy Eating, Vegan


Coming home to a fully cooked one-dish supper was once only possible if someone else cooked the meal for you. Crock Pots are especially popular with busy homemakers juggling family and career.

Anyone with a demanding lifestyle can appreciate the convenience of setting up the crock-pot in the morning when you leave for work and coming home to find dinner ready and waiting.

Meals made in a crock-pot are easy to assemble and dishes that improve from long simmering are the kind of meals that crock-pots were designed to do.  Stews are an obvious choice, as flavors deepen and sauces thicken during slow cooking.  You need only to adjust the seasonings before serving. …read more of Crock Pot Cookery: Enlightened Basque Stew here

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