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Expo West ‘Greener than Ever’ Hosts 56,000 Attendees

By Marie Oser
March 15, 2010
File under: Business News, Economy, Health, Sustainable Products


Natural Products Expo West, the largest natural foods show in the country celebrated its 30th anniversary at the Anaheim Convention Center in California where, a record 56,000 attendees sampled the latest in natural, organic, healthy, eco-friendly and fair trade products. Thirty years ago, the size of the natural products industry was estimated to be $2.4 billion and natural and organic products were sold mostly by independent retailers and co-ops.

These days, consumers can find healthy, environmentally conscious products in most retail channels in North America. According to the Natural Foods Merchandiser’s 2009 Market Overview, the natural products industry is now worth nearly $68 billion.At the 2010 trade show, thousands of booths were set wall-to-wall and floor to ceiling over five massive pavilions exhibiting every kind of food, health and household product imaginable.

“Natural Products Expo West has grown because it is the premiere show in the industry,” said Adam Andersen, the show manager for Natural Products Expo West.  “Hundreds of new product introductions at Expo West are proof positive of the strategic value surrounding in-person business events.” …read more of Expo West ‘Greener than Ever’ Hosts 56,000 Attendees here

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Is there a plant in that bottle?

By Linda Brown-Kuhn
January 18, 2010
File under: Design & Innovation, Sustainable Products


I think it’s safe to say that many people who care about the earth, like me, have a beef with plastic soda and water bottles. They’re made from petroleum derivatives and though they can be recycled, millions are tossed in the garbage daily, headed for landfills.

The behemoth Coca-Cola Company has taken steps to make their plastic bottles less environmentally offensive with the introduction of the PlantBottle.

Comprised of the usual PET plastic, the PlantBottle also contains plant materials, specifically sugar cane and molasses. …read more of Is there a plant in that bottle? here

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A Gift For SWAG

By Angelique LeDoux
November 30, 2009
File under: Sustainable Products, Waste


While flying home from GreenBuild 2009 in Phoenix, Arizona,  I found myself thinking—like most parents who attend conventions—about the promotional, freebie, giveaway, “swag” I picked up while walking the exhibit hall at GreenBuild– items I could pawn off on my kid as a gift.

Hhmmm… I didn’t score nearly as well as my LEED AP sister who attended the show with me. She has a special gift for SWAG and I found myself bartering with her—mainly because she was limited to what she could get in her carry-on luggage which meant she had to ditch the corkscrew and the liquid detergent samples.

But all in all, it made me think about the promotional swag—the freebies, chatzky crap we all collect at conventions—and above all,  supposedly “green” ones. …read more of A Gift For SWAG here

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Justmeans to a Just End

By Heather O'Neill
November 11, 2009
File under: Business Profiles, Green Practices


Several weeks ago I attended the Justmeans Social Media for Sustainability conference in San Francisco.

Justmeans is a social utility where you can talk about your good work with the companies and people who matter on the sustainability scene. Unlike other social networks, Justmeans is a more targeted audience of people who share your interest in the environment and sustainability.

The conference, which hosted seven moderated panels on a variety of topics related to social media, helped attendees answer questions about social media from the simple to the complex: How should my company be using social media to engage our customers, employees, activists, and other stakeholders online? …read more of Justmeans to a Just End here

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eBay Launches Social Media Campaign: Give. Good. Green.

By Marie Oser
September 15, 2009
File under: Business News, Green Practices


eBay, the world’s leading online marketplace with 88 Million users, has launched a social media initiative campaign designed to inspire eBay buyers and sellers to create positive social change through a variety of eBay activities.

The innovative campaign links all five of the company’s pro-social initiatives: eBay Foundation, eBay Giving Works, MicroPlace, by eBay and the eBay Green Team to create collective, lasting and scalable social good.

What makes this campaign different? …read more of eBay Launches Social Media Campaign: Give. Good. Green. here

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