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Reasons for Using Homeopathy
By James F. Balch, M.D. and Mark Stengler, N.D.

There are five main reasons why homeopathy is gaining popularity among doctors and the public:

1.    Homeopathy is highly effective for both chronic and acute diseases, including epidemics. It works to strengthen the immune and other healing systems of the body. It can be used to treat conditions for which conventional medicine has no effective treatment.

2.    It is cost effective. Compared to pharmaceutical medications, homeopathic remedies are quite inexpensive.

3.    It is a preventative medicine. One does not have to have a disease to be treated with homeopathy. It can be used to optimize health.

4.    It can be used to treat the whole person. Homeopathy takes into account all the factors of a person's health, even a child's-the mental, the emotional, and the physical.

5.    Side effects are not an issue, which is especially important when it comes to children and seniors, who are more prone to toxic side effects of medications.

Homeopathy, as with many of the natural therapies, works with the healing systems of the body. As we will see in the remedy chart located in this chapter, homeopathic medicines are prescribed not only for the disease itself (such as the flu or anxiety), but also for symptoms that are expressed by the person. This allows for an actual improvement in chronic health conditions, rather than just merely suppressing symptoms. Symptoms are used to differentiate the homeopathic remedy for the individual, thus allowing for the "whole" person to be treated

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