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Tips for Adopting a Healthful Diet
By James F. Balch, M.D. and Mark Stengler, N.D.
  • Learn as much as you can about nutrition. This book and many others are loaded with sound, effective advice on optimal nutrition.
  • Influence your children positively by being a role model for how to eat nutritiously. Kids learn more by watching than from listening to us preach to them. Follow the same recommendations yourself that you instruct your children to follow. You will find that this is a powerful way to develop healthful eating habits in your children.
  • Be enthusiastic about eating healthfully. ­ Enthusiasm begins with the belief that you really can make a difference in the quality of your health and vitality.
  • Be patient. In a society where junk food is the norm, it takes time to adapt to a healthful diet.
  • Take action. You can immediately affect how your children feel by controlling what goes in their mouths. Also, you can play a major role in preventing diet-related illnesses, such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, fatigue, anemia, and most other chronic diseases.
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the ecomii healthy eight
1 Vitamin C   5 Soy Isoflavones
2 Red Yeast Rice   6 Cholesterol
3 Food Allergies   7 L-Theanine
4 Calcium   8 Grapefruit Seed
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