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By James F. Balch, M.D. and Mark Stengler, N.D.

Physical symptoms: People who fit this constitutional type often have reoccurring nosebleeds for no apparent reason. Their colds have a tendency to turn into respiratory tract infections. Many people with asthma benefit from this remedy. Digestive upset, such as "tummy aches," can be common. They have a great thirst for cold drinks and crave sweets and ice cream.

Mental and emotional symptoms: The personality type is outgoing and very sociable. They like attention. They have sympathy for others and do not like to be alone, especially in the dark.

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the ecomii healthy eight
1 Vitamin C   5 Soy Isoflavones
2 Red Yeast Rice   6 Cholesterol
3 Food Allergies   7 L-Theanine
4 Calcium   8 Grapefruit Seed
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