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Calcarea Carbonica
By James F. Balch, M.D. and Mark Stengler, N.D.

Physical symptoms: People who fit this constitutional type tend to be plump or obese, tire easily, and be susceptible to infections, especially ear or upper respiratory infections. In general, they are chilly. For children, there can be a delay in development, such as a slow onset of walking or talking. People's nails may break or be brittle. They tend to sweat profusely on the back of the head when sleeping. They often crave eggs, sweets, and dairy products. The remedy is also indicated for people with chronic constipation.

Mental and emotional symptoms: They are easily overwhelmed; work oriented and organized; worriers; independent, stubborn, and curious.

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1 Vitamin C   5 Soy Isoflavones
2 Red Yeast Rice   6 Cholesterol
3 Food Allergies   7 L-Theanine
4 Calcium   8 Grapefruit Seed
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