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By James F. Balch, M.D. and Mark Stengler, N.D.

We've all experienced the rush of feeling that can accompany a familiar, long-forgotten smell. Whether it's the aroma of banana bread just like grandmother's or the scent of the cologne our first love wore, smells have the power to take us back in time. Suddenly, we remember the anticipation we felt that long-ago day in grandmother's kitchen or the heartache of saying good-bye to our lover. We feel the same way, all over again.

If its sole effectiveness lay in harnessing that power of remembrance, aromatherapy would doubtless be a useful tool. But the strength of aromatherapy goes even beyond this. The essential oils used in aromatherapy are extracted from plants and impart their healing powers to the body through the sense of smell, certainly, but also through their ability to permeate the bloodstream. They have antibiotic, antibacte­rial, and tonic qualities that can relieve pain and stress, help balance the body and the mind, and even prevent disease. Besides, aromatherapy is enjoyable, whether you visit an expert aromatherapist for a massage or soak at home in a bath scented with your favorite essential oils.

Specific essential oils have specific properties that can alleviate particular symptoms or conditions. For example, eucalyptus oil helps to clear congestion, while peppermint oil is good for relieving nausea. Familiarity with the characteristics of just a few essential oils and with the different ways they can be used gives us the power to self-treat many common ailments. Whether your trouble is physical, mental, or emotional, you may find relief in the use of aromatherapy.

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