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Common Acupressure Points
By James F. Balch, M.D. and Mark Stengler, N.D.

Take the Sea of Vitality Point (B23, B47). By seating yourself comfortably and manipulating its point at the lower left of your back, you may find it helpful to focus on your energy reserves filling back up again. In addition, Sea of Vitality can help alleviate acne or the ache of bruises elsewhere on your body.

Under each cheekbone, directly under the eyes, lies the Facial Beauty Point (ST3). Massaging this area can also relieve acne, stimulate your facial skin, and improve the tone of your skin.

On the top of your head between the cranial bones lies the One Hundred Meeting Point (GI20). You find it by tracing your fingers from the back of each ear to the top of the back of your head. Press at this point to help relieve stress and headache pain while restoring clear thinking and concentration.

Below the base of the skull lies the Gates of Consciousness Points (GB20), which can also improve concentration and memory and relieve pain.

Joining the Valley Point (LI4) offers some quick relief for frontal headaches and shoulder pain. It is also effective for labor pain, which is why you need to avoid it if you may be pregnant; it can stimulate premature contractions. In the angle that lies at the top of the hand between the thumb and the forefinger lies the Joining the Valley Point. Apply appropriate pressure to bear on this point, and you can feel your headache draining away.

In one of the simplest and most effective maneuvers in the books, you can take your forefinger and place it firmly between your eyebrows, pressing for several minutes. This yintang point will clear your head and relieve many headaches. Oftentimes, the affected pressure point is tender to touch. In this case, massage around this spot.

If you ever visit an acupressurist, you'll see that the physician doesn't just use the muscles in his hand to apply pressure. An experienced practitioner will lean into the massage point, using body weight to apply pressure. You'll find that this is just as effective when you work on your own points, as you are being asked to apply strong pressure for several minutes to each point.

You're not asked to deal with a lot of pain here. If you experience too much discomfort, ease up on the pressure or the rubbing.

A session can last anywhere from a few minutes to a full hour, and you may want to experiment by practicing acupressure in a sitting or lying down position. Take long, deep breaths as you engage in acupressure. By balancing your breath, you help balance the body. Open yourself to the healing powers of acupressure, and clear your mind of daily clutter.

In order to give yourself the full benefits of acupressure, develop your own schedule for healing touch sessions. You can designate a spot in your office or at home. Make sure you follow through with a routine session at least once a day-more often, if it helps. Just exactly what kind of schedule you keep will be up to you and what you hope to achieve, whether it's reducing mild stress or dealing with chronic pain. more

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