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About Us

From the farm to the big city, we’ve started to think about the long-term consequences our actions have on our planet, on our health and on our wallet. Consumers are changing their habits. Companies are changing their practices. Even the Vatican has named polluting a sin. Naturally, this is all a reflection of increased awareness.

Mainstream social consciousness makes for a very potent time. But it also creates new issues. For example, a new vocabulary is emerging – words like organic, compostable and renewable. But what exactly do they mean, and which is best? How do we figure out what to buy (or not to buy) and how to live greener? Where do we start? We get pieces of information from various sources, but we can end up with more questions than answers.

ecomii™ was created to specifically address this need for a single credible and comprehensive resource for everything healthy and green. We believe that accuracy, objectivity and transparency are very important considering the amount of new “green” products on the market and conflicting information about what we can do to make a difference. That’s why we reference all claims and statistics with authoritative sources, and why our content is fact-checked with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), qualified experts, peer-reviewed research and official organizations.

At ecomii, we don’t just drink the Kool-Aid. We look at how and where it was made, scrutinize the label, consult with our team of editorial experts (such as Jeff Cox, author of The Organic Cook’s Bible, and Dr. Alan Greene, author of Raising Baby Green), verify the facts…and then take a sip. Like you, we can be skeptical of new trends and unsubstantiated claims. We want the truth. Not the hype. We want tried-and-tested, agreed-upon, effective ways to reduce our planetary impact. What’s more, we have no intention of sermonizing…or pretending to be perfect. We don’t live entirely carbon neutral lives. (There. We said it.) But we try to make sound, environmentally-minded choices every day, and we believe that little changes add up.

Given this philosophy, we are accepting of all, whether you have a negative carbon footprint or just recycled your first aluminum can. We accept debate about cap-and-trade and Al Gore’s 10,000-square foot house. We think debate is good, and necessary, and “eco-taining,” which is why we created our Debatables section to address open dilemmas that plague even dedicated activists. Finally, we accept differing motivations for green living. Maybe global warming propels you. Maybe it’s the health of your family. Or perhaps it’s high gas and food prices. Regardless, we believe you deserve the straight story – and we applaud all efforts.

The great thing about getting the facts at ecomii? You can act upon them. Beyond learning about everything green from A-Z, ecomii offers practical, how-to information about making positive changes. It’s also a place to engage others toward a common goal. Our social platform, ecomii Action, lets you encourage family and friends in the pursuit of a sustainable future – one goal at a time. Why not set a surprisingly easy, not-so-daunting goal today? If you’re like us, you’ll find “going green” happens in baby steps. But if we’re all doing something, those small changes will have a major impact. And that’s a fact.